Custom Shafts


with custom golf shafts from ACCRA…

Custom Colors

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    Hot Pink

    Really Stand out on the first tee with our hottest color this year!

  • null

    Neon Green

    Always a popular color choice, Neon Green not only pops but will blind your opponents!

  • null

    Brilliant White

    Classy and cool, Brilliant White will make any set of clubs eye catching…

  • null

    Royal Blue

    This popular color not only looks amazing but will have everyone on the course envying your set!

  • ACCRA Custom Black Shafts


    Lets face it, Black just looks cool.. Try it with our iSeries Tour shafts to get the Batman look!

  • null

    Neon Orange

    Another color you can use to blind your opponents on the course! Neon Orange is also good for signalling aircraft…

Ready to #GetShafted?

Follow the steps below to get your Custom ACCRA Shafts!

Locate a Fitter

Getting properly fitted is the most important step when getting new shafts...

Locate a Fitter

Certified ACCRA Fitters are among the very best club fitters and builders in the world!

Get Fitted

Go through a fitting with a certified ACCRA fitter...

Get Fitted

Customs are available in iSeries iron shafts, Tour Z, iWood, iHybrid, and Fx Putter shafts


Select custom graphic that best suits your personality...


Each color can be applied to any shafts mentioned in Step 2..


Personalize the tip section with your name or a nickname that best reflects your personality...


Using ACCRA's Laser Etcher we can personalize your shafts even further!

Custom Shaft Policies:

ACCRA strongly suggests that all ACCRA shafts are professionally fit by a Certified ACCRA Fitter to maximize performance and ensure a build with exceptional tolerances. It is for this reason that ACCRA will refer all custom shaft submissions to the nearest Certified ACCRA Fitter to work with you to ensure that the correct ACCRA shaft is selected for your golf game.