ACCRA AXIV places second at 2008 Memorial Tournament

PGMC – ACCRA premium golf shafts posted a second place finish at the 2008 Memorial Tournament in Dublin Ohio. On the difficult Muirfield Village golf course where accuracy is at a premium, a former Masters champion from Sarnia Canada fired a total score of 6 under par to place a close second. He had his TaylorMade 3 wood fitted with an upgraded ACCRA AXIV XE 80 shaft to help provide the accuracy and distance required to mange his game around the severely rolling fairways at Muirfield.


ACCRA AXIV shafts also posted a 6th place finish at the same event, continuing a long run of success this season on Professional Tours around the world.


“ACCRA and ACCRA AXIV shafts have been used by more than 100 Golf Professionals on all major Tours worldwide proving the value of an upgraded premium shaft.” States Gawain Robertson (ACCRA- Partner and Tour Rep.) “The fact that so many of the best players in the world have chosen ACCRA just give credibility to the performance and design of ACCRA products” continued Mr. Robertson.


All this success just highlights an exciting year for ACCRA as introductions of a new ACCRA AXIV hybrid shaft and super light weight ACCRA AXIV XT 50’s recently were introduced.


“The most exciting aspect of all this success is the fact that most ACCRA shafts are actually designed for the average golfer” stated Dave Makarucha (PGMC-Partner) “ the fact is that we are extremely strong in the super Light weight segment of the market with the ACCRA T40, ACCRA T50 and recently introduced XT50. These shafts provide all levels of golfers with the technology that is used in a Tour players shaft, but in a weight that allows the amateur golfer to develop greater club head speed without sacrificing accuracy” continued Mr. Makarucha.


The use of super high modulus carbon and the addition of AXIV material enables ACCRA to offer all levels of golfers power, stability and most importantly extreme “feel”.


“Only a certified ACCRA club fitter can accurately determined which ACCRA shaft is best for each unique golf swing, we certainly recommend that all golfers take the time to get properly fitted to a premium shaft to ensure that they maximize their potential” States Sean Bravakis (PGMC). “ACCRA Certified fitters all use technologically advance methods to ensure that every ACCRA shaft is perfectly fit and installed to maximize launch conditions” continued Mr. Bravakis.


ACCRA is proud to be represented by more than 350 of the very best professional club fitters around the world, each of these fitters also has access to the now extremely popular KB Tour steel shafts (used by the champion of this past weeks Memorial Tournament), the highly innovative e21 Scandium shafts (as seen on the Golf Channel), Royal grips (Used by the world’s #2 player and 2008 Colonial Champion) and UST Golf Shafts (used by many of the world’s finest players). PGMC (ACCRA) is proud to make all of these fine products available through ACCRA professional club fitters. For a list of where you can find any of the excellent products please visit and see our dealer listing.


ACCRA premium graphite shafts are available through “certified ACCRA Fitters”. For product information or to locate a Certified ACCRA Fitter near you, please visit If you are interested in becoming a dealer, please contact PGMC at (888) 389-3149.

ACCRA shafts are also available as a custom upgrade through the world’s finest golf club manufactures Callaway, Ping, Titleist, Cobra, and Adams.


ACCRA Shafts are crafted using the highest modulus and most technologically advanced materials available.

ACCRA has challenged Mamiya and UST engineers to “create the best” without any compromises. The recent success of ACCRA’s latest introduction gives remarkable credibility to the technologies utilized in all ACCRA shafts. All ACCRA trademarks are owned by PGMC.