ACCRA Technology

The S3 (Shaft simulation System) shaft measuring device enables the engineers at ACCRA to completely profile any golf shaft in a matter of a couple of minutes. The S3 system provides us with an immediate blue print of every shaft, enabling ACCRA to provide the best QC (Quality Control) in the industry and the best system for developing new shafts for the future.

This project was developed in conjunction with Mark Timms and Cool Clubs, with the ultimate goal being to develop the most advanced shaft profiling machine in the industry….we have succeeded!

Simon Grondin was/is the developer of this device, please look for more information on the S3 and Mr. Grondin on recent video’s by ACCRA and Cool Clubs.

Constant Flex Technology

ACCRA golf shafts, within a similar model, all share the same frequency flex. This means that a professional fitter can determine a golfer’s flex and then comfortably test different weight shafts, knowing that they are all the same flex by frequency. Virtually all other shaft manufacturers’ shafts get stiffer as they get heavier. This is a technology pioneered by ACCRA and is included in all models of ACCRA shafts.

DyMatch Technology

This may just be the most significant golf club fitting technology in the past 10 years! ACCRA realized that the world’s best golfers continue to use different shaft profiles throughout their set makeups. This is due to a significant flaw in the design of most golf shafts. Shaft manufacturers make shafts stiffer in the tip as they add weight. This, combined with the theory that shafts should be tipped for fairway woods, means that Tour Players must look for more responsive tip shafts for those clubs.

ACCRA dynamically designs shafts to offer identical feel in driver, fairway woods, and hybrids using a proprietary technology called “DyMatch”. If you use a “DyMatched” set of woods custom fit by a certified ACCRA fitter, rest assured that you will receive similar flight characteristics, feel, and performance throughout your set.

Thin Wall Design

ACCRA uses high modulus, low resin prepreg composite materials to minimize the wall thickness to enhance feedback, energy transfer, and most importantly the smooth ACCRA feel. Advancements in composite materials has enabled ACCRA to develop more efficient shafts than ever before using a higher graphite content in each layer of material. This technology also reduces inconsistencies within the shaft resulting faster “recovery” to increase clubhead speed and ball speed.

Carbon Weave Technology

ACCRA incorporates several different weave technologies into different models of shafts. Combining different modulus of composite materials in a single sheet of prepreg enables engineers to manipulate flexural rigidity and torsional strength of specific sections of a shaft

Uniform Taper Technology

ACCRA believes that a constant or uniform taper from the butt section of the shaft through the tip section provides the maximum energy transfer and best “feel” for the golfer. ACCRA incorporates this technology in virtually every shaft in the line.

Ti-Mesh Tip Technology

An innovative lightweight skeletal Titanium mesh sheet is integrated with the composite fibers to increase strength and torsional stability in a section of shaft.

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