ACCRA Fitting

The charts and graphs provided by any golf manufactures are only guidelines with respect to fitting.

The only way to properly ensure that a shaft/head combination is truly the best fit for your swing is to be analyzed by a professional club fitter.

We suggest that all golfers be properly fit for all of their golf equipment.

SWING SPEED (MPH)<6565707580859095100105110120
Approx. Driver Dist.<155155170185200215225240255270280300+
Fx 3.0 SRTM1M1M2M2M3M3
Fx 3.0 100M1M1M2M2M3M3M4M4M4
Fx 3.0 200M3M3M4M4M4M5M5
Fx 3.0 300M4M4M5M5M5
TZ SixM3M3M4M4M5M5
TZ FiveM3M3M3M4M4M5
Tour Z RPG HBP & LBPM4+M4+M5+M5+
Tour Z RPG TourM5+M5+