PFCU Learning Center

Welcome to PFCU, a place for the world’s best professional clubfitters to gain a greater understanding of the entire line of TRUE Golf’s Premium Golf Shafts.

All PFC clubfitters and builders must first complete this program to be considered certified clubfitters. We welcome discerning golfers of all levels that wish to learn more about TRUE Golf Products to complete this level of PFCU as well.

TRUE Golf trusts only the world’s best to fit our shafts, and each of these clubfitters and builders has already proven themselves to be a leader in this industry. PFCU is an educational tool to improve awareness for our product line and philosophies. All whom complete PFCU and currently fit or build clubs at an authorized PFC fitting studio will receive a completion certificate. Certified PFC clubfitters and builders will be recognized on our website and facebook page after PFCU completion.

Congratulations and thank you for your participation in this new learning center. Welcome to the TRUE Golf Team.

The Dean (PFCU)