Custom ACCRA Golf Shafts


ACCRA Golf is all about custom!

When you get custom fitted to certain models within the ACCRA Shaft line up you also have a choice of customizing those shafts even further! Mix and match your favorite colors to create something truly unique. We can even custom laser etch the tip section of your ACCRA Shafts to make them that much more special!

Visit a Certified ACCRA Dealer to #GetShafted !

Custom Shaft Policies

ACCRA strongly suggests that all ACCRA shafts are professionally fit by a Certified ACCRA Fitter to maximize performance and ensure a build with exceptional tolerances. It is for this reason that ACCRA will refer all custom shaft submissions to the nearest Certified ACCRA Fitter to work with you to ensure that the correct ACCRA shaft is selected for your golf game.

Custom shafts once finalized take approximately 3-4 weeks for delivery.

Our custom shaft application is only an approximation of how the actual shaft will appear once production has been completed.

Please use the button below to Launch our Custom ACCRA Golf Shafts application. This application is used to for the purpose of giving you and idea of what a shaft will look like once completed..

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