SRT Shafts

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FX SRT Wood Shafts

ACCRA introduces the first premium shaft for discerning Junior golfers. The ACCRA Fx SRT line of wood shafts incorporates Fx technology into 3 distinct flexes to be professionally fit by a certified ACCRA fitter.

The wood shafts are available using super light weight high modulus materials and a .580 butt diameter for ease in gripping for those with smaller hands. The wood shafts are available in Fx SRT 41 (Softest flex), Fx SRT 42 (Mid flex), Fx SRT 43 (strongest flex).

iSeries SRT Iron Shafts

The iSeries SRT iron shaft offers juniors a premium lightweight option for irons also incorporating a .580 butt diameter. The SRT iron shaft uses the same technology as the iSeries line of iron shafts, it is available in one flex and can be tipped to multiple stronger flexes as it is a blank..

ModelTypeFlexS3 FlexMass Balance Pt.LaunchButt EiMid EiTip EiTorqueButt ODTip ODLengthParallel
FX-SRT 41DriverM110.6492411.605126135.800.5800.335463
FX-SRT 42DriverM212512411.605829155.600.5800.335463
FX-SRT 43DriverM313.5522411.506534175.600.5800.335463
ModelTypeFlexS3 FlexMassBalance Pt.S3 LaunchButt EiMid EiTip EiTorqueButt ODTip ODLengthParallel
iSeries SRTironVariable14.7441812.840.522.814.65.50.580.37398