ACCRA wins at The Players Championship

Kingston, Ontario – ACCRA premium golf shafts recorded a third victory of the 2011 PGA Tour season this past week at the 2011 Players Championship at TPC Sawgrass in Ponte Vedra, Florida.

When a player steps on the 18th tee at TPC Sawgrass with a chance to win “the fifth Major”, he had better have total confidence in his golf clubs. When the eventual Champion pulled his club of choice on the most difficult driving hole at Sawgrass, he chose a Ping three wood custom fitted using an ACCRA DyMatch S3-85 M5 fairway wood shaft. The 41 year old South Korean moved into 6th place in the FedEx Cup standings with the victory.

Players using ACCRA shafts now stand 2nd, 6th and 10th in the Fedex Cup rankings. Two victories back to back at the Northern Trust Open at Riviera and the WGC Accenture Match Play, have certainly proven that players using ACCRA shafts are winning at big events.

“We are very proud of our accomplishments on Tour in 2011” said Mike Biviano (ACCRA PGA Tour Rep.) “We have always considered the PGA Tour a great proving ground for our shafts. When a player trusts our shaft during one of the most important shots of his career, it gives great credibility to our philosophies and designs” continued Mr. Biviano. “When PGA Tour winners are using ACCRA, we know that we have done something right!”

ACCRA shafts are fit to discerning golfers of all levels by the worlds best Club Fitters, the Players Championship winner was no different.

“A visit to Compu Golf Center in Plano Texas led to the addition of an ACCRA shaft to the Champions bag. Custom fit using the most technologically advanced methods is common for all ACCRA Fitters. In this case, Bill Choung the owner of Compu Golf Center, provided the intense analysis and testing and the recipient won on the world’s biggest golf stage.” Commented Dave Makarucha (co-Founder ACCRA Golf) “We are proud of the work of all ACCRA club fitters, in this case, the world can see the performance benefits of being properly fit to a set of clubs. A special thanks to the team at Compu Golf Center for their role in this huge victory.”

ACCRA premium golf shafts are available in all weight categories and all flexes, enabling professional club fitters to find the perfect shaft to optimize ball flight characteristics for any player. ACCRA DyMatch is specifically designed with the professional club fitter in mind. For more information on ACCRA DyMatch please visit a certified ACCRA club fitter near you.

ACCRA Golf on Facebook

ACCRA premium golf shafts will give away 5 new ACCRA golf shafts to 5 lucky winners during the month of May 2011. All you have to do is sign on to the ACCRA Golf facebook page and click the “Like” icon. Then post on the site including 2 details. 1. Please let us know the Accra shaft that interests you the most. 2. post the certified ACCRA Fitter that is closest to you, that you would like to have fit you for your free ACCRA Shaft.
ACCRA officials will select at least 1 winner each week during May. Each luck winner will be fit to the ACCRA shaft of their choice or fit for by an ACCRA certified fitter.
Please visit the “Accra Golf” facebook page to take advantage of this great offer.

Another Accra Success Story

Interesting story I forgot to tell you. Remember the young girl with the sweet swing that was in the studio with Kay when you were there? She was having the darndest time with her hybrid keeping it straight. She was hitting her 4 hybrid low with a hook and couldn’t get it airborne. I put her in a S1 70 M3 dymatch shaft with the wishon 331 5 hybrid. She hit 11 shots pure in the center of the face, and 140 yds carry. NOt bad for a 12 year old girl. She swings it 72 mph and has a nice long leverage. Her dad was like, WOW! We will be selling her new clubs in a short while. Dad is totally convinced. That’s why having a pro and clubfitter work together is a win-win for both parties. TC

Tony Curro
Tru-Fit Custom Clubs
29 Lawrence Avenue
Latham, New York 12110
(518) 469-7729

Matt McQuillan qualifies for the PGA Tour

Kingston, Ontario – All of us at ACCRA golf and our friends from the local golfing community wish to congratulate Matt McQuillan for his tremendous tenacity and perseverance in qualifying for the 2011 PGA Tour.
Matt grew up and played his junior golf in the home town of ACCRA’s corporate head offices. A stellar junior career in the late 1990’s lead him to a collage career at Oklahoma State and Georgia. Matt then joined the Canadian Tour where he began to see some of his efforts pay off, culminating in a Victory at The Telus Edmonton Open in 2005 and several high finishes on the Nationwide Tour.
Unfortunately this success was short lived and matt found himself bouncing around the Canadian, Hooters and e Tours, struggling to make ends meet. In 2008, Matt resorted to working at a local Pizza parlor in an effort to raise funds to keep his dream alive.
Not one to give up, Matt was back playing in every event he could in 2010, and while other PGA Tour wannabes were practicing and playing with fellow Touring Pro’s, Matt supported his buddies by playing a weekly game in his hometown with a group of mid handicap fun loving guys.
Armed with some new sponsorship and confidence, Matt began preparing for the 2010 PGA Tour qualifying school. Consistent play through the first and second stage found him in the 6 round final stage and a chance to make his dream a reality.
With a little help from some friends, Matt secured Sergio Garcia’s regular caddy Gary Matthews to support him through this grueling event. An 11 under total through 6 rounds found Matt McQuillan with a 2011 PGA Tour Card.

Matt has made several trips to the ACCRA test & fitting studio, where Bob Collins ( Master Club Fitter) outfitted Matt in ACCRA DyMatch wood shafts and a set of KBS tour shafts for his Titleist irons.

On behalf of all of your friends at ACCRA, we wish you an amazing season on the PGA Tour and an outstanding career.

ACCRA introduces new wedge shaft

Kingston, Ontario – ACCRA premium golf shafts announces the introduction of a revolutionary new shaft designed to help golfers of all levels increase spin with wedges and decrease launch angle.
The hottest topic of conversation in grill rooms across the golfing universe seems to be centered around the new groove rules and how they will affect our ability to create spin.

This has shaft manufactures scrambling to find ways to maximize the spin rates of all wedges.
The fact is that a shaft does not create spin! However that shaft delivers the club head to the golf ball in a specific way. As a shaft design team, we considered a multitude of designs to enable all levels of golfers the ability to create an angle of attack that will maximize the spin potential.
Why graphite? The design capabilities of composite materials to manipulate the center of gravity (CG), zone flex, weight and playability is far more significant than other materials. The benefits of these design features include higher spin rates and lower launch!
The combination of a high CG, responsive tip section that is reinforced using super high modulus materials for stability enables the ACCRA SP wedge shaft to create “serious” spin!!

ACCRA premium graphite shafts are available through “Certified ACCRA Fitters”. For product information or to locate a Certified ACCRA Fitter near you, please visit If you are interested in becoming a dealer, please contact PGMC at (888) 389-3149.
ACCRA Shafts are crafted using the highest modulus and most technologically advanced materials available.
ACCRA has engineers to “create the best” without any compromises. The recent success of ACCRA’s latest introduction gives remarkable credibility to the technologies utilized in all ACCRA shafts. All ACCRA trademarks are owned by PGMC.

ACCRA Places #1 & #2 at the 2010 WGC Bridgestone Championship

Kingston, Ontario – ACCRA premium golf shafts recorded a one two punch at the 2010 WGC Bridgestone Championship this past weekend. WGC events bring the world’s best players together just a few times each year, to have two players who trust their games to ACCRA succeed under these circumstances is incredible.
While many of the games greatest players fell backwards down the leader board, the eventual Champion and former standout from Oklahoma State recorded a 6 under 64. Now a three time champion on the PGA Tour the Orange California native used a Ping i15 hybrid custom fit with an ACCRA XH85 hybrid shaft to navigate the tight fairways at Firestone Country Club. This victory moved the 28 year old into 2nd place in Ryder Cup points and into the top 10 in FedEx Cup points.
The second place finisher has used his custom fit ACCRA shafts in his Taylor Made 3 wood and Taylor Made 5 wood for all 3 of his previous Tour wins and trusted these clubs for numerous tee shots and crucial approach shots throughout his successful run at Firestone.

“ACCRA has continued to be a force on Professional Tours around the world, we are proud and honoured that the best players in the world chose ACCRA to help them succeed at the highest level.” Said Sean Bravakis (PGMC-ACCRA) “As important as this is, the fact that the best club fitters in the world also rely on ACCRA to fit discerning golfers of all levels is even more impressive” continued Mr. Bravakis.

ACCRA premium golf shafts are available in all weight categories and all flexes, enabling professional club fitters to find the perfect shaft to optimize ball flight characteristics for any player.

“We have maintained the belief that all shafts should be properly fit by a certified club fitter prior to being purchased” stated Christine Fraser (PGMC-ACCRA), “This is why we have chosen to make ACCRA’s available only through the world’s most accomplished club fitters. Golfer need to test the benefits of upgrading their current shaft to a premium fitted shaft. Professional Club Fitters are the only true experts in this field” continued Ms. Fraser.

ACCRA premium graphite shafts are available through “certified ACCRA Fitters. For product information or to locate a Certified ACCRA Fitter near you, please visit If you are interested in becoming a dealer, please contact PGMC at (888) 389-3149.

ACCRA Shafts are crafted using the highest modulus and most technologically advanced materials available.
ACCRA has engineers to “create the best” without any compromises. The recent success of ACCRA’s latest introduction gives remarkable credibility to the technologies utilized in all ACCRA shafts. All ACCRA trademarks are owned by PGMC.

ACCRA wins at the Alstom Open de France

Kingston, Ontario – PGMC, the parent company of ACCRA premium golf shafts is proud to announce that the champion of the 2010 Alstom Open de France used an ACCRA shaft in his driver.

The popular Spaniard, whom has trusted ACCRA in different Ping drivers, virtually exclusively, since ACCRA’s introduction more than 6 years ago, has won again! Winning on any major Tour is difficult, but year after year “the Mechanic” strings together multiple victories. His victory at the Omega Championship earlier this season took 75 holes. This past week he triumphed in France on the 1st extra hole with a clutch 10 foot putt. His victory, was set up by a perfect drive using a Ping G15 driver custom fit with an ACCRA shaft, pressuring his two competitors into errant tee sots.
Hitting 76.8% of the fairways is what “the Mechanic” does best, but add to that a 284.5 yard average driving distance for the week and one can see how his weekend totals of 66-67 earned him a trip to the playoff.

This second victory of 2010 moves this resident of Malaga, Spain into 6th place in the Ryder Cup standings and 6th place in the “Race for Dubai”. 17 European Tour victories for this cigar and fine wine aficionado makes for a wonderful career, but as we can all see, he is not even close to being finished yet!

“This has been a great start on PGA Tours around the world for ACCRA branded shafts” stated Mike Biviano (ACCRA- Tour Rep.). “With the new ACCRA DyMatch technology just beginning to gain acceptance and the new DyMatch graphite iron shafts creating a buzz at the Tour level, we are looking to have a great season on Professional Tours around the world” continued Mr. Biviano.

“ACCRA began developing golf shafts with UST-M more than six years and our philosophy is and always will be to make premium products for all levels of discerning golfers. This all begins with developing shafts that the world’s best golfers can succeed with then filtering that technology into shafts for all golfers.” said Gawain Robertson (ACCRA- Partner). “This weeks success continues 6 years of multiple victories on all major tours which, in turn has positioned ACCRA as a global leader in custom fit golf shafts for all golfers ” continued Mr. Robertson.

“ACCRA prides itself on innovative designs using only the highest modulus materials. Developing shafts that are unique in their ability to be fit and built to a specific golfers needs by the best club fitters in the world, has always been our goal.”” says Dave Makarucha (ACCRA – Partner) “We have selected only the most experienced club fitters to represent our products to ensure every ACCRA shaft is perfectly fit to each golfer of all abilities” continued Mr. Makarucha.

ACCRA premium graphite shafts are available through “certified ACCRA Fitters”. For product information or to locate a Certified ACCRA Fitter near you, please visit If you are interested in becoming a dealer, please contact PGMC at (888) 389-3149.

ACCRA World Tour Series is introduced

Kingston Ontario, Premium Golf Management Co. (PGMC) announces the introduction of a new ACCRA premium golf shaft for 2010.
The ACCRA World Tour Series (WTS) began shipping this past week to international customers worldwide.
“The Accra WTS was designed using input from our fitters across the globe with special emphasis on the needs ad requirement of ACCRA’s Japanese partner Sporty Golf” stated Dave Makarucha (Partner – PGMC) “Listening to our fitters has always been a strength of PGMC/ACCRA, so developing this shaft for international markets, just made sense” continued Mr. Makarucha

ACCRA World Tour Series shafts are available in 50 gram, 60 gram, 70 gram, and 80 gram hybrid models using high modulus materials and a proven innovative design. Engineered to provide maximum ball speeds using “responsive tip technology” that Accra has been used in numerous previous shaft models.

“International markets generally require some different playing characteristics than domestic markets. The use of high modulus materials enables us to develop a lighter line of shafts while continuing to maintain the stability and feel that ACCRA has always been known for” stated Gawain Robertson (Partner –PGMC). “ ACCRA World Tour Series shafts combine the benefits of Classic Accra’s with some of the unique design features of the ACCRA AXIV line to make a powerful light weight line of shafts for all levels of golfers.” Continued Mr. Robertson

ACCRA WTS shafts are available in three distinct weights:
~50 grams for the player looking for a super light weight shaft that still maintains stability. Easy to get in the air, the Tour 50 is a versatile shaft for all levels of golfers.
~60 grams is available in all flexes and remains the most popular of the WTS shafts as it enables the best players to gain stability even with higher club head speeds, and the novice golfer with a great shaft that will reduce side spin with it’s torsionally stable design..
~70 grams for the stronger golfer requiring a shaft that will maintain stability even with the most powerful swings yet excellent as a fairway wood shaft in all flexes.
~ 80 gram Hybrid shaft perfectly designed to compliment the modern utility club combining distance, launch and spin to create distance off the tee and soft landing when used to approach a green.
“The ACCRA WTS series moves the ACCRA brand into a new segment of the market” stated Gawain Robertson (PGMC) “ the success of ACCRA DyMatch and previous models was used as inspiration to bring ACCRA to golfers around the globe using the very best club fitters in the world as our distribution” continued Mr. Robertson.
Available through professional club fitters, WTS allows all international golfers to experience a line of light weight shafts developed using super high modulus materials.

ACCRA golf shafts are used by more than 100 Tour players worldwide and continue to be a leader in the premium aftermarket shaft market. ACCRA shafts are available at certified ACCRA dealers and custom fit to ensure maximum performance.

Madrid Masters Championship

ACCRA wins at the Madrid Masters

Kingston, Ontario – ACCRA premium golf shafts continues it’s winning ways with yet another victory on a major worldwide Tour.
The 32 year old Englishman from Hemel Hempstead, who attended Northwestern University won for the first time in Europe in 6 years. Now in the top 10 in the World Rankings, this 2 time PGA Tour Champion has been “knocking on the door” consistently during the past couple of years, but his remarkable play this year made it obvious that another victory was imminent.
Moving into the top 10 in the world is an important step to realizing the potential that we all saw in this great golfer. With 4 Englishmen in the world top 10, look for a tremendous English influence to this years Ryder Cup matches.
This smooth swinging champion has used an ACCRA XC75 in a number of different 3 woods during the past several years, but recently settled on this shaft in a Taylormade R9. Last year this former World Cup Champion for England changed to a Taylormade R9 driver and found that after extensive testing, that the ACCRA XC65 offered him a great combination of accuracy, power and feel.
“It is great to see a long time ACCRA PGA Tour Pro get back to his winning ways with this big victory” stated Mike Biviano (ACCRA- Tour Rep.). “Each week we have PGA Tour players discovering the benefits of ACCRA DyMatch technology, but it is always great to have a player who has trusted ACCRA for a long period of time play great! This kind of result always creates significant buzz amongst the world’s best players. Look for more players using ACCRA to continue the success that we have achieved on Tour this season” continued Mr. Biviano.
“One of the most important features of all ACCRA shafts is the tolerance levels that we are able to reach. On Tour we continually hear that testing ACCRA is so easy, as a player tests different heads they are confident that each shaft will react identically ” said Gawain Robertson (ACCRA- Partner). “We created ACCRA Tolerance technology as a feature in all ACCRA shafts, this ensures that all shafts are virtually identical in performance.” continued Mr. Robertson.
All ACCRA shafts are available exclusively through the very best club fitters in the world. “We deal with club fitters on a daily basis and ensuring that they have the best product to perfectly fit golfers worldwide is what we are all about” says Christine Fraser (ACCRA/PGMC) “The difference with ACCRA is that Golfers of all abilities receive the same service and product as the Tour players. We don’t have special, different shafts for Tour player. When you are fit by a professional club fitter, you can be assured that you are getting the same shafts from the same inventory as the world’s best players.” continued Ms. Fraser.