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<h2>Concept Series Shafts</h2>
<p>The Concept Series 400 is a super premium shaft designed to increase stability without<br>
sacrificing “feel”. Utilizing the most high modulus composite materials to offer torsional strength and strongest tip stability of any ACCRA shaft yet high elasticity to increase speed.</p>
<p>This shaft is a favorite among Tour players that prefer a smooth feeling shaft that decreases dispersion. A 360 degrees ultra light weave that runs the entire length of the shaft ensures the ultimate in performance.</p>
<p>A Tip EI in the 30’s, utilizing the proprietary S3 shaft profiling machine, combined with torque in the mid to low threes ensures the stoutness that stronger golfers require, and incorporating ACCRA’s “Constant flex Technology” even the lighter weight versions maintain this firmness.</p>
<p>Available in 55 grams through 75 grams and m3, M4, and M5, this Concept Series line of shafts gives a professional Club Fitter a great opportunity to find a great match for your swing.</p>
<p>If you require a lower launching shaft that promotes low spin the Concept Series 400 may be the perfect shaft for you. Please visit an ACCRA Certified Fitter to test one today.</p>
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ModelTypeFlexS3 FlexMassBalance Pt.S3 LaunchButt EiMid EiTip EiS3 CPMTorqueButt ODTip ODLengthParallel
CS 455DriverM316.
CS 455DriverM417.159.523.010.276.751.532.02664.30.6100.335463
CS 455DriverM518.
CS 465DriverM316.065.023.510.370.048.031.02583.60.6100.335463
CS 465DriverM417.166.023.510.276.651.532.02663.60.6100.335463
CS 465DriverM518.569.823.510.183.455.134.02773.60.6100.335463
CS 475DriverM315.874.024.010.370.048.031.02583.30.6100.335463
CS 475DriverM417.275.524.
CS 475DriverM518.

*All specifications are measured using the S3 Shaft Simulation System
*All frequencies (CPM) on the ACCRA website are measured with shafts at blank length using different chuck weights to corollate with the clubhead that each shaft would be used with.
- Irons - 265g chuck
- Sand Wedges - 292g chuck
- Hybrids - 230g chuck
- Driver and fairway shafts - 203g chuck