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	<h2>FX 2.0 Series</h2>
ACCRA is synonymous with professional fitting, as only the world’s best club fitters are chosen to be certified dealers. ACCRA performance golf shafts are not available “off the rack” because we truly believe that a “fit” golf club will always out perform a “stock” golf club. The Fx 2.0 series offers an unsurpassed army of fitting options, combining unique profiles, weights, flexes and performance characteristics carrying on a<br>
tradition of delivering club fitters all of the tools to fit any golfer.
<p>The Fx 2.0 offers 3 unique launch conditions, utilizing S3 shaft blueprinting technologies:</p>
Fx 2.0 100 Series = High launch<br>
Fx 2.0 200 Series = Mid Launch<br>
Fx 2.0 300 Series = Low Launch
<p>Each Fx 2.0 Series, offers multiple weight options for driver shafts combined with dedicated Fairway Wood and Hybrid shaft featuring ACCRA’s proprietary DyMatch* Technology (DymTec):</p>
<li>Fx 2.0 100 Series ~ 40g, 50g, 60g</li>
<li>Fx 2.0 200 Series ~ 50g, 60g, 70g</li>
<li>Fx 2.0 300 Series ~ 60g, 70g, 80g</li>
<h3>Fairway Wood</h3>
<li>Fx 2.0 100F Series ~ 65g</li>
<li>Fx 2.0 200F Series ~ 75g</li>
<li>Fx 2.0 300F Series ~ 85g</li>
<li>Fx 2.0 100H Series ~ 60g, 75g</li>
<li>Fx 2.0 200H Series ~ 85g</li>
<li>Fx 2.0 300H Series ~ 95g</li>
<p>Each series of Fx 2.0 shafts offers a unique shaft profile that is designed using ACCRA’s proprietary S3 (Shaft Simulation System) to specifically offer club fitters 3 dedicated launch/spin characteristics maximizing performance for all different levels of golfers.</p>
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ModelTypeFlexS3 FlexMassBalance Pt.S3 LaunchButt EiMid EiTip EiS3 CPMTorqueButt ODTip ODLengthParallel
FX 2.0 140DriverM09.746.023.511.345.026.013.22025.00.6000.335463
FX 2.0 140DriverM111.347.023.511.153.028.616.02164.80.6000.335463
FX 2.0 140DriverM212.748.023.511.
FX 2.0 140DriverM314.249.023.511.
FX 2.0 140DriverM416.051.023.511.
FX 2.0 150DriverM111.354.023.511.
FX 2.0 150DriverM212.655.023.511.
FX 2.0 150DriverM314.556.023.511.170.336.120.82444.60.6000.335463
FX 2.0 150DriverM416.057.023.511.
FX 2.0 160DriverM212.662.023.511.
FX 2.0 160DriverM314.465.023.511.
FX 2.0 160DriverM416.468.023.511.
FX 2.0 100FFWYM112.062.023.511.570.027.017.02254.60.6000.335443
FX 2.0 100FFWYM213.464.023.511.581.029.018.02374.60.6000.335443
FX 2.0 100FFWYM314.866.023.511.587.234.020.12504.60.6000.335443
FX 2.0 100FFWYM416.468.024.011.596.539.520.02644.60.6000.335443
FX 2.0 100H60HybridM114.662.020.511.753.326.021.02254.60.6000.370424
FX 2.0 100H60HybridM216.165.020.511.760.028.621.02384.40.6000.370424
FX 2.0 100H60HybridM317.667.021.011.762.031.524.02534.40.6000.370424
FX 2.0 100HHybridM216.
FX 2.0 100HHybridM317.775.021.011.660.033.225.02533.40.6000.370424
FX 2.0 100HHybridM419.776.021.011.671.037.326.02653.40.6000.370424
ModelTypeFlexS3 FlexMassBalance Pt.S3 LaunchButt EiMid EiTip EiS3 CPMTorqueButt ODTip ODLengthParallel
FX 2.0 250DriverM314.655.024.510.976.037.022.02505.00.6150.335463
FX 2.0 250DriverM416.258.024.510.985.041.323.82605.00.6150.335463
FX 2.0 260DriverM314.664.025.010.876.037.022.12503.60.6150.335463
FX 2.0 260DriverM416.
FX 2.0 260DriverM518.
FX 2.0 270DriverM314.973.025.010.776.038.022.52503.60.6150.335463
FX 2.0 270DriverM416.
FX 2.0 270DriverM517.877.025.010.792.047.027.02723.60.6150.335463
FX 2.0 200FFWYM315.573.
FX 2.0 200FFWYM417.
FX 2.0 200FFWYM518.379.
FX 2.0 200HHybridM318.481.022.011.666.036.024.22572.30.6150.370423
FX 2.0 200HHybridM419.985.022.011.670.040.027.02702.20.6150.370423
FX 2.0 200HHybridM522.288.022.511.676.045.327.62802.20.6150.370423
ModelTypeFlexS3 FlexMassBalance Pt.S3 LaunchButt EiMid EiTip EiS3 CPMTorqueButt ODTip ODLengthParallel
FX 2.0 360DriverM416.666.024.510.480.044.428.92603.60.6100.335463
FX 2.0 360DriverM518.071.024.510.484.049.032.02723.60.6100.335463
FX 2.0 370DriverM416.474.024.510.380.045.031.02603.50.6100.335463
FX 2.0 370DriverM518.076.024.510.384.050.032.82723.50.6100.335463
FX 2.0 380DriverM416.686.025.010.380.046.031.02603.40.6100.335463
FX 2.0 380DriverM518.
FX 2.0 300FFWYM417.
FX 2.0 300FFWYM518.688.024.010.589.049.831.02783.10.6100.335443
FX 2.0 300HHybridM420.795.022.011.370.342.032.02702.30.6100.370423
FX 2.0 300HHybridM522.397.022.011.374.046.032.92802.20.6100.370423