2024 marks the age of Shogun. A revolutionary line of shafts that will optimize launch conditions, increase speed and promote center strikes.

Developing the most innovative shaft on the market begins with a creative design. ACCRA Shogun offers 3 distinctly unique profiles, featuring a constant taper design ensuring optimal energy transfer. The three profiles enable a professional club fitter to optimize a golfers low point in their swing to enhance center hits, increasing ball speed and accuracy.

The ACCRA Shogun has been designed using S3 analytics and the most advanced composite materials. The new “ACCelaron MX” material (from Toray Japan) enhances feel, strength, and consistency throughout the shaft from the core through the outer layer. ACCeleron MX is an ultra lightweight 5K material incorporating a revolutionary composite (high modulus/high elasticity) material resulting in a rapid recovery (speed), negligible ovaling (stability) resulting in unparalleled performance.

ACCRA Shogun features “Tornado Material Stabilization”. This manufacturing method evenly distributes composite material strength around the circumference of the shaft, increasing consistency throughout. “TMS” technology stabilizes the behavior of the shaft at all swing speeds and results in the most consistent golf shaft the ACCRA has ever produced.

ACCRA Shogun is available in 3 distinct profiles……

1. Shogun Blue – The most stable, “extreme response design”, in the industry. Shōgun Blue promotes maximum bend, fast recovery speed and optimal stability. Any golfer looking for the extreme in distance, The Shōgun Blue is being used by many of the top World Long Drive competitors due to it’s performance and stability characteristics and now every golfer can benefit from this technology.

2. Shogun Green – ACCRA has pushed the limits by developing a shaft with a responsive butt section combined with an extremely stable tip. This design benefits golfers with a smooth transition looking for a combination of feel in your hands and controlled flight. Once again ACCRA has pushed the limits of design to create a shaft that merges stability and feel to the extreme.

3. Shogun Red – living up to the legacy of the “GOAT” ACCRA shaft, the SE 80. Red is synonymous with stability; the Shogun Red is no exception. Stability from top to bottom, yet with the smooth feel that ACCRA pioneered. For those with aggressive swings, Shogun Red is for you.

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Blue 42M0432355291719540.610.335463”
Blue 42M2462455311721540.610.335463”
Green 52M35423.585452826040.610.335463”
Green 52M45523.592493027040.610.335463”
Green 62M36223.58545302603.70.6150.335463”
Green 62M46323.59249302703.50.6150.335463”
Green 62M56423.59552352803.50.6150.335463”
Green 72M47223.592483327030.620.335463”
Green 72M57223.595523528030.620.335463”
Red 62M46323.51004525.42703.10.620.335463”
Red 62M56523.51074826.928030.620.335463”
Red 72M472241004524.72703.10.620.335463”
Red 72M572241074927.428030.620.335463”

*All specifications are measured using the S3 Shaft Simulation System
*All frequencies (CPM) on the ACCRA website are measured with shafts at blank length using different chuck weights to corollate with the clubhead that each shaft would be used with.
- Irons - 265g chuck
- Sand Wedges - 292g chuck
- Hybrids - 230g chuck
- Driver and fairway shafts - 203g chuck