TZ Five

The latest in a long line of Tour Z shafts that revolutionized low launch and low spin flight characteristics while maintaining “feel”. Year after year, TZ shafts win tournaments at all levels, including on the world’s premiere Tours.

TZ Fiv utilizes high modulus carbon fibers strategically orientated to optimize launch and spin for the golfer with an aggressive swing or looking to launch the ball lower. ACCRA’s proprietary Constant Flex Technology enables PFC fitters to find the perfect combination of weight and flex with stability being consistent through all options.

Now available in new lighter weights to better fit golfers of all levels. The TZ line of shafts feature a “transitional feel” to ensure that at any swing speed, the TZ Fiv will offer unmatched stability, combined with an effortless sensation of speed.

TZ Five features new graphics, an updated design, and a matching fairway wood, hybrid and driving iron, all utilizing the TZ Five design profile to create a consistent flight and feel throughout a golfers set.

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ModelTypeFlexMassBalance Pt.S3 LaunchButt EiMid EiTip EiS3 CPMTorqueButt ODTip ODLengthParallel
TZFive 50DriverM35023.011.07842232603.5.610.335464
TZFive 50DriverM45123.011.08344232703.5.610.335464
TZFive 50DriverM55323.010.89751282803.5.610.335464
TZFive 60DriverM36123.511.07739242603.5.620.335464
TZFive 60DriverM46123.510.58045332703.5.620.335464
TZFive 60DriverM56123.510.49147342803.5.620.335464
TZFive 70DriverM36923.010.48044282603.2.620.335464
TZFive 70DriverM47023.010.48148302703.2.620.335464
TZFive 70DriverM57123.010.48749342803.2.620.335464
TZFive 75 FwyFwyM47322.010.58248312723.3.615.335444
TZFive 75 FwyFwyM57622.010.59552342823.2.615.335444
TZFive 80DriverM58223.510.48553352803.0.610.335464
TZFive 100DriverM510023.510.49554352803.2.600.335464
TZFive 95 HybridHybridM49520.511.67044252653.5.610.370423
TZFive 95 HybridHybridM59521.011.685.149.229.82853.5.610.370423
TZFive 105 DIDriving IronM410522.011.676.739.227.52602.6.610.370413
TZFive 105 DIDriving ironM510522.011.684.644.630.82702.7.610.370413