TZ Six is a revolutionary design combining a uniquely responsive and torsionally stable tip section that transitions into a firm butt section. This combination generates power without sacrificing stability, and results in a higher initial launch that flattens due to the controlled spin rates.

TZ Six incorporates the same technologies and aerospace materials that drove TZ6 to become ACCRA’s most successful shaft ever. With the versatility to fit all levels of golfers from the longest hitters on premiere tours worldwide to golfers playing a local muni on the weekend, TZ Six offers weight and flex options for discerning golfers of all levels.

– Stiffer tip than TZsix (not as stiff as TZfive)
– Combination of stiff butt makes this a VERY stout shaft
– Extremely low torque
– For fast transition/speed golfersrs set.

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ModelFlexMassBalance Pt.S3 LaunchButt Ei/6Mid Ei/15Tip Ei/25avg S3 CPMTorqueLengthButt ODTip OD
TZsix 65 STM469.023.511.395.540.023.0266.02.546.00.6150.335
TZsix 65 STM570.023.511.398.045.024.7278.02.546.00.6150.335
Tzsix 75 STM479.023.511.396.040.023.0266.02.346.00.6150.335
Tzsix 75 STM580.023.511.398.045.025.0278.02.346.00.6150.335