TZi Irons

New “players” profile with stable tip section

Designed for golfers requiring launch control and stability from a graphite iron shaft

Manufactured utilizing high modulus carbon materials

Stunning look with bold silver PVD finish that matches TZ woods

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ModelFlexMassBalance Pt.S3 LaunchButt Ei/6Mid Ei/15Tip Ei/25avg S3 CPMTorqueLengthButt ODTip ODpar section
TZI 75IVariable7619.511.163.348.230.82503.6410.6100.3708"
TZI 85IVariable8519.511.18049.5332703.3410.6100.3708"
TZI 95IVariable9519.511.18055342853410.6100.3708"
TZI 105iVariable1052011.1866335.52912.8410.6100.3708"
TZI 115iVariable1152011.1906839.82972.8410.6100.3708"