ACCRA introduces ACCRAu

ACCRA introduces ACCRAu

(PGMC/ACCRA – Kingston Ontario) ACCRA premium golf shaft company introduces a new educational program developed to provide detailed product information to professional clubfitters and discerning golfers.

“The current ACCRAU could be considered ACCRA 101. Look for more comprehensive versions to be released in the future. ACCRA will continue to work with professional clubfitters to ensure they are experts with regards to fitting ACCRA products” states Ken Thompson (ACCRA sales & marketing). “The plan is to use this platform as a certification process and we will continuously add levels in the future, ensuring ACCRA fitters continue to provide the world’s best fitting experience” continued Mr. Thompson.

ACCRA golf shaft company has always been dedicated to the importance of all golfers being professionally fit for their golf clubs. The new ACCRAU education program enables certified ACCRA fitters and golfers to gain greater knowledge of the entire ACCRA product line.

One of the cool aspects of this educational program is that the initial version is being made available to the golfing public along with professional club fitters.

Please click this link to go to ACCRAU

For more information on the entire ACCRA iSeries line of shafts, please visit the ACCRA YouTube channel (,  ACCRA website (, or contact a certified ACCRA fitter near you.