Major Champion wins in Montreal using ACCRA

KINGSTON, Ont. (July 6, 2012) – This 2012 season is booming for ACCRA Premium Golf Shafts as it adds yet another Champions Tour victory.
This Major Champion dominated the Montreal Championship and matched the course record of 64 on the Richelieu Valley Vercheres Course in Quebec. The 52-year-old held his lead in the final round and collected his second Tour victory in less than a year.   
The 2012 Montreal Championship winner used ACCRA shafts in his Callaway 3 and 5 woods.  It is no wonder this Champion took advantage of the benefits of being properly fit by an expert because all ACCRA shafts are custom fit by the world’s best professional club fitters.
“This Champions Tour player has used our shafts for more than eight years now, and we take such pride in knowing that he chose to trust ACCRA shafts since our inception,” said Gawain Robertson, Co-founder of ACCRA Golf.  “We have found this trait to be extremely common in most ACCRA shaft users and admire their dedication and brand loyalty.  It is something we hope all golfers are able to experience once they have shafted up an ACCRA shaft.”
The ACCRA SE 80 offers an exceedingly active tip section with one of the lowest torque values and incredibly strong hoop strength. This is the type of shaft that will never become obsolete because of its numerous attributes and ability to create tremendous feel for every golfer in the process of loading and unloading the club.
“ACCRA has recently introduced an updated version of the SE 80 using a constant taper design for even better energy transfer. The new Tour Z LT 80 (and 70) offer all the same benefits of the SE80, but with some new technology,” said Lindsay Hagerman, Marketing Director. “New materials combined with an updated profile has created a smoother feeling shaft with increased stability resulting in one of the best shafts we have ever developed.”
ACCRA premium graphite shafts are crafted using the highest modulus and most technologically advanced materials available. ACCRA has engineers to create the best products without any compromises. The recent success of ACCRA’s latest introduction gives remarkable credibility to the technologies utilized in all ACCRA shafts. These shafts are available through certified ACCRA fitters.  
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