iSteel Wedges

iSeries Steel Wedge Shafts
The iSteel family of shafts is the ultimate steel shaft for professional club fitters to dial in flex, weight and launch characteristics. The introduction of the iSteel wedge shaft takes fitting to a new level.

Designed for the player that craves feel and performance for delicate approach shots and touch around the green, the iSteel wedge delivers!

Available in 3 weights 110g, 120g, and 130g, each specifically designed to work with a series of iSteel shafts. For instance, the iSteel 120g wedge shaft matches perfectly with a set of iSteel 115g shafts. The wedge is 5 grams heavier for maximum feel and performance and is approximately ½ of a flex softer to create more spin and to increase feel on delicate shots.

The iSteel wedge line of shafts are a must for those looking to control launch and increase spin.

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ModelFlexMassBalance Pt.S3 LaunchButt EiMid EiTip EiS3 CPMTorqueButt ODTip ODLength
110 WedgeM3111.6018.3013.9070.2044.2028.20320.001.600.6000.33536.5
120 WedgeM4120.4018.5014.1073.7047.9029.10330.001.500.6000.33536.5
130 WedgeM5129.4018.5013.8078.5050.8033.00340.001.500.6000.33536.5

*All specifications are measured using the S3 Shaft Simulation System
*All frequencies (CPM) on the ACCRA website are measured with shafts at blank length using different chuck weights to corollate with the clubhead that each shaft would be used with.
- Irons - 265g chuck
- Sand Wedges - 292g chuck
- Hybrids - 230g chuck
- Driver and fairway shafts - 203g chuck