“Wedge shafts reimagined” is what ACCRA has accomplished with the all new iWedge. With a goal in mind of developing a wedge specific shaft, designed to promote spin and control launch. The iWedge utilizes high composite modulus materials and a profile that has proven Tour success with the very best golfers in the world.

A responsive tip section for unparalleled feel combined with torque that rivals steel makes this shaft the ultimate graphite wedge shaft option.

The 90 gram iWedge is a perfect complement to golfers currently using light weight graphite or steel iron shafts.

The 115 gram iWedge offers golfers that currently use traditional weight iron shafts a composite option to reduce unwanted vibrations, yet optimize performance.

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ModelFlexMassBalance Pt.S3 LaunchButt EIMid EITip EIS3 CPMTorqueButt ODTip ODLength
iWedge 90M3901913.76546323352.30.6000.37037
iWedge 115M3+11518.513.656750343521.90.6000.37037

*All specifications are measured using the S3 Shaft Simulation System
*All frequencies (CPM) on the ACCRA website are measured with shafts at blank length using different chuck weights to corollate with the clubhead that each shaft would be used with.
- Irons - 265g chuck
- Sand Wedges - 292g chuck
- Hybrids - 230g chuck
- Driver and fairway shafts - 203g chuck