ACCRA Unveils New Tour Z LT Series

KINGSTON, Ont. (March 28, 2012) – PGMC, the parent company to ACCRA Premium Golf Shafts, is proud to announce the introduction of an extension to its most popular premium shaft series ever. The ACCRA Tour Z band has certainly found a niche as a superior shaft brand for discerning golfers looking to reduce spin rates and launch angle, without sacrificing feel.The super high modulus materials enabled our engineers to create a constant taper design with the thinnest walls in the industry. This allows for maximum energy transfer and a smooth feel.The new ACCRA Tour Z LT (Low Torque) is designed with all the same features but utilizes some technology that is synonymous with the ACCRA brand from its early days (just a few years ago). The ACCRA Tour Z LT features a responsive tip section for increased club head speed and “kick”, yet maintains stability with super low torque.For those looking to increase initial launch conditions with low spin rates (awesome for fairway woods), the ACCRA Tour Z LT is for you.