New ACCRA iSeries Wood Shaft

ACCRA introduces iSeries Wood shafts at 2014 PGA Merchandise Show

(PGMC/ACCRA – Kingston Ontario) ACCRA introduces a new line of premium shafts to compliment the popular ACCRA iSeries iron shafts.

The iSeries wood shafts are built for speed, using a proprietary “iWeave” technology, the new iSeries (iWood) line features unprecedented strength in the butt section for maximum stability and resistance to “ovaling”.
The strength of the butt section effectively shortens the bendable section of the shaft creating a whip effect during the swing. This dramatically increases speed through impact.
The counter balance design also creates a draw bias tendency that benefit a large range of discerning golfers. This is enhanced by the responsive tip section, once again promoting speed through impact.

“The design features of this shaft clearly generates speed throughout the swing while maintaining the stability in a golfers hands” states Gawain Robertson (ACCRA Co-Founder). “During testing we were all astonished by the results for all levels of golfers as swing speeds increased with virtually all participants in prototype testing” continued Mr. Robertson.

ACCRA has begun shipping the iSeries wood shaft to certified ACCRA fitters worldwide this week, Fitters will have demo shafts in stock for golfers to test and “see the speed”.

“The ACCRA iSeries wood shaft is the perfect compliment to the extremely popular iSeries iron shaft line” stated Dave Makarucha (ACCRA Co-Founder). “The iSeries iron shaft line is the ultimate club fitters shaft as it enables the professional club fitter to fit using 6 different weights and more than 3 flexes per weight option. An ACCRA certified fitter can dial in an iSeries shaft to match any golfers swing.” continued Mr. Makarucha.

For more information on the entire ACCRA iSeries line of shafts, please visit the ACCRA YouTube channel (,  ACCRA website (, or contact a certified ACCRA fitter near you.

ACCRA premium graphite shafts are crafted using the highest modulus and most technologically advanced materials available. ACCRA has engineers to create the best products without any compromises. The recent success of ACCRA’s latest introduction gives remarkable credibility to the technologies utilized in all ACCRA shafts. These shafts are available through certified ACCRA fitters.  Premium Golf management Corp (PGMC) owns all ACCRA trademarks. For more product information, or to locate a certified ACCRA fitter near you, please visit